Apex Steel

Industry: Industrial

Energy savings66% reduction
Payback period2.5 years
Annual lighting energy saving1,073,094 kWh
First year return on investment43%
Greenhouse gas reduction1,449 tonnes per annum
Total 10 year saving$1,885,800

Apex Steel is an Australian-owned and operated manufacturer employing over three hundred people nationwide. As a market-leader in the manufacture of steel and steel building products and with a $250 million turnover nationwide; they are Victoria’s No. 1 independent roofing steel supplier.

Shine On was called upon to assess the lighting across three Apex Steel sites in Victoria, Queensland, and South Australia for a full LED lighting upgrade in all areas including manufacturing, storage, office and outside areas. While their main objective was to reduce overheads and energy consumption, there were other benefits too such as; reducing maintenance labour, improving the quality of light and creating a safer working environment.

Following installation, the business was able to save 66% on their lighting consumption and power costs. This impressive saving will deliver a ten year energy cost saving of over $1,885,800.


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“We decided to go with Shine On mainly due to its vertically integrated structure: owning the process from manufacturing product right through to post-installation was very attractive as there was much less room for error.” James Coghlan, Group CFO

Energy Efficient Products Used

Shine On Sabre Tube240
Shine On Lera Downlight121
Shine On H-Flux 150 HighBay347
Shine On Krest Backlit Panel248
Shine On Stellar LED Canopy57
Shine On Orbon Mark 2 Floodlight42
Shine On Plexis Circular Panel53