Asahi Beverages is one of Australia’s largest beverage companies. They are responsible for giving us some of Australia’s favourite brands such as Schweppes, Lipton, and Somersby.


We began working with Asahi through our well established business relationship with their HSE Manager. We have spent years delivering largescale industrial upgrades and Asahi knew they could trust us with the scope of the project.

The project

Asahi first upgraded their lights to LEDs in their Tullamarine warehouse seven years ago. Due to advances in technology and record high subsidies, we were able to upgrade their old LEDs to new LEDs at almost no cost. We upgraded a total of 700 lights across the warehouse.


The result for Asahi were better lighting outcomes and a saving of 77% of their lighting energy costs. This translates to over $71,000 in annual savings. The upgrade was 95% subsidised with the remaining cost being paid back by the first month of energy savings.

Shine On provide a good service overall. The fact that Tom was able to work with us and provide everything we needed with minimal input from our end demonstrated that good service. They have good products that came out cost effective and we were all happy with the end result.” Ben Good, HSE Manager