Assemco is an Australian owned and operated company that partners with organisations who outsource any of their product assembly, production, purchasing and logistics functions.

Shine On was asked to assess the lighting in one of their large factory facilities. Their main objective was to reduce energy consumption, whilst also reducing maintenance costs and OH&S implications of continuously replacing blown highbays.

By replacing all of their inefficient 400W High Pressure Sodium’s with H-Flux Highbays, we were able to dramatically improve the quality of light in the factory and save Assemco 69% on their lighting consumption and power costs. This will eventually deliver a five year energy cost saving of over $35,000.


We had 3 different quotes done and Shine On was the only company that acted professionally and ultimately won our business. We rate Shine On a 10 out of 10 for their LED lighting products and business ethics.” Michael Blundell, Environmental Manager