Brunswick East Primary School

Industry: Education

Energy savings63% reduction
Payback period23 months
Annual lighting energy saving13,079 kWh
1st year return on investment51%
Greenhouse gas reduction17.66 tonnes per annum
Total 5 year saving$20,498

Brunswick East Primary School recently engaged Shine On to assess their existing lighting and prepare a proposal for a VEET subsidised LED lighting upgrade.

We audited their classrooms, offices, hallways, and exterior; tailoring a solution to not only reduce their energy and maintenance costs, but also improve the school’s environmental performance and aesthetic appeal. Environment is very much a part of the culture and community at Brunswick East Primary School so sustainability and longevity were a conscience part of the agenda.

Using a combination of LED tubes, Shine On was able to improve the lighting quality in the school and save 63% on their lighting energy consumption and power costs. Equally as important, the school was also able to set a positive example to their community through their proactive approach to reducing energy usage.


“Regardless of the energy savings we are receiving, we love the fact Shine On do this because they care about sustainability and the environment.” Janet Di Pilla, Principal

Energy Efficient Products Used

Ambium 17W T8 LED Tube 4ft161
Ambium 7W T8 LED Tube 2ft23