Deliver is a low cost, high performance national distribution company that has streamlined their delivery processes by using best of class partners in each state.


Shine On was called upon to assess the lighting at their Toll Drive facility which is used as a distribution centre. The building had no skylights and as a result, the lighting conditions were very poor which was causing workplace health and safety issues as well as poor working conditions for staff.


Using a selection of highbays in the main warehouse facility, we were able to significantly improve the light output with light levels increasing from around 90 lux – well below AS1680 Standards – to up to 440 lux. This considerable improvement was achieved in conjunction with an energy reduction of 84% and a 10-year saving of over $550,000! The introduction of sensored lights in low frequented areas means lights are only on when required, further reducing the facility’s carbon footprint.

Stockland's Toll Rd Facility post Shine On LED upgrade

Stockland's Toll Road facility, Shine On installing the H-Track

Throughout the entire process, Shine On have always strived to work with and around us in our very busy environment and their lights installed have made a world of difference to our distribution centre.” Jimmy Gorevski, State Logistics Manager