Franklin Web is an Australian-owned national printing company based in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia specialising in catalogue printing. Franklin has more than 100,000 square metres of print production capability across 40 acres and all under the one roof. To put that into context, their print precinct is twice the size of the MCG.

Shine On was chosen to provide the LED lighting retrofit of the Melbourne site as we provided the best value for money and quickest return on investment. Franklin Web was keen to increase the quality of light output for production while lowering energy and maintenance costs and reduce OH&S implications of replacing blown bulbs.

Shine On proposed a wide variety of energy efficiency products to replace the old inefficient lighting which included LED highbays, LED canopies, LED panels, LED floods and office lights. Following installation, the business was able to save 70% on their lighting consumption and power costs. This impressive saving will deliver a ten year energy cost saving of over $705,974.

Shine On were great to do business with. Everything ran smoothly and according to plan and I was quite happy with the outcome. We had over twelve hundred lights installed, which included highbays, canopies, panels, floods and office lights.” Bill Van Den Dungen, Business Services