Inchcape Australia is a leading player in the automotive services sector operating in distribution, retail and logistics markets with excess of 1,200 employees across Australia.

Shine On was called upon to provide an LED lighting retrofit of Inchcape’s showrooms and workshops in Docklands and Doncaster. Their existing lighting at the time was really poor and did not display the cars’ true colours in the showrooms and caused safety issues in the workshop.

Shine On proposed LED tube, floodlight and canopy alternatives to replace Inchcape’s old inefficient lighting. Following installation, the business was able to save 79% on their lighting consumption and power costs and will deliver impressive savings of over $583,633 in 10 years.

Subaru following a Shine On LED upgrade

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Shine On due to their professionalism: the documentation and preparation of the work they were going to conduct was clear and both parties had a clear understanding of what was to occur with installation and timing. The analysis and preparation work that went into ensuring what was to be done happened in a timely manner and worked around us. We have roughly 45 sites and Shine On will be working on them as well.” Brian Dalby, National HSE Manager