John Herrod & Associates is a printing company that specialises in labels for the in-mould labelling process, supplying to some of the world’s biggest brands.


Having upgraded their lights to LED with Shine On in 2015, John Herrod was looking for other ways to offset recent increases in electricity costs. Spurred on by a desire to increase efficiency and decrease their environmental footprint, solar power seemed like the natural progression.

The project

John Herrod had looked over a number of quotes before they entrusted Shine On once again to deliver the project. We provided a detailed feasibility report that included: a full review of their annual usage; solar irradiation data; comprehensive PV design and complete financial return expectations. The 99.84kW solar solution gave them access to upfront government subsidies while generating 15% of their annual power usage. The installation was successfully completed to a compressed time frame to meet client requirements.


The system produces approximately 116,915 kilowatts per annum which is equivalent to powering 17 average Australian homes. This means savings for John Herrod will be in the region of more than $600,000 over 25 years.

John Herrod & Associates' solar installation by Shine On

John Herrod & Associates' solar installation by Shine On

We worked with Shine On for our LED upgrade which went really well and this solar project felt like the natural progression. The installation went seamlessly, the tradespeople were professional and efficient, and I can highly recommend Shine On to anyone looking to install commercial solar on their premises.” Chris Scott, Director