Mail Exchange

Industry: Hospitality

Energy savings74%
Payback period12 months
Annual lighting energy saving114,768 kWh
1st year return on investment100.17%
Greenhouse gas reduction154.90 tonnes per annum
Total 5 year saving$98,185

The iconic Melbourne Mail Exchange Building was built in 1917 and has had a colourful history for use mainly by the Post Master’s General Department. In 2010, the brand-new Mail Exchange Hotel was opened following extensive restoration. It features a 200 seat bistro, a central bar, informal lounge area, TAB facilities and an atrium with internal courtyard.

Shine On assessed all communal areas within the Mail Exchange building and surrounding carpark. The aim was to reduce the energy consumption of the establishment, while retaining the warm ambience and atmosphere of the building and its heritage features.

Using a combination of recessed LEDs and tubes, Shine On improved the lighting quality in the hotel while managing to preserve it’s character. Pleasingly, the hotel’s annual lighting energy consumption was reduced by an extraordinary 74% and all within a fast 12 month payback period. This impressive retrofit will result in five year energy cost savings for the hotel of over $98,000.


“Shine On demonstrated a high standard of professionalism in assessing and reporting on the opportunities to reduce energy costs through alternative energy efficient lighting. ” Terry Nash, Operations Director, Robertson Group

Energy Efficient Products Used

Ambium 17W T8 LED Tube 4ft116
Ambium 7W T8 LED Tube 2ft2
Prymus 6u201d 32W Recessed LED65