Penrith Christian School is a large private school with over one thousand students located in Sydney’s West.


Penrith Christian School approached Shine On as they were looking to improve their current lighting, and upgrading to LEDs would have the added benefits of electricity bill savings and a reduced carbon footprint. They chose Shine On due to the quality of our products and the fact we offered solutions rather than just lights.

The project

The majority of the school was lit with old fluorescent tubes. We replaced the tubes with our Omera Mk2 LED Panel, creating a clean, modern look, and a selection of LED battens. This included motion-sensored battens in less heavily frequented areas such as bathrooms, to increase the energy savings. The installation was completed during the school holidays, so students and staff came back to a much brighter school.


Following installation the school has saved 72% on their lighting energy bill, which equates to over $18,700 in savings in the first year! Importantly, the school is meeting their environmental obligations with over 100 tonnes of CO2 avoided per annum.

Penrith Christian School post Shine On LED upgrade

Penrith Christian School post Shine On LED upgrade

I think we had good communication with the people at Shine On. The work that ended up being done was really good, all of the fittings were well suited to the space and the installation team was extremely professional throughout the whole job. They always communicated if there were any changes or difficulties with the job, and they always cleaned up after themselves, which left a good impression on our end. The sales person was also quite efficient with organising the whole thing, and we didn’t have to do too much work to get it all up and running.” Neil Clark, Property Manager