Saint-Gobain Abrasives

Industry: Industrial

Energy savings76% reduction
Payback period12 months
Annual lighting energy saving441,107 kWh
First year return on investment100%
Greenhouse gas reduction595 tonnes per annum
Total 10 year saving$628,574

Saint-Gobain Abrasives is a global manufacturer of abrasives, enabling customers to shape and surface-finish all types of materials across a diverse range of products. They have 65 manufacturing facilities over 27 countries, with their Australian headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria.


Shine On assessed the lighting at their headquarters and main manufacturing site in Campbellfield, as well as their distribution centre in Somerton. Both sites had consistently high power bills and they were looking to reduce costs through an LED upgrade. We were selected due to our transparent proposal, high VEET rebate and the quality of our flagship highbay.


Using a selection of highbays, canopies, tubes, panels, downlights and floodlights we were able to reduce the two sites’ combined light energy bill by 76%. This considerable reduction will see Saint-Gobain save $628,574 over 10 years, with a payback period of only 12 months. The introduction of sensored lights in low frequented areas of their distribution facility means lights are only on when required, and has led to an over 50% decrease in the site’s overall energy bill.

St Gobain's distribution facility following a Shine On LED upgrade          St Gobain's distribution facility following a Shine On LED upgrade

“The team were professional, the installation went smoothly and the benefits we’re seeing have improved the site from a physical lighting aspect and cost exercise.” Stephen Pipka, DC Manager

Energy Efficient Products Used

Shine On Sabre Tube112
Shine On H-Flux Highbay229
Shine On Krest Backlit Panel28
Shine On Stellar Canopy10
Shine On Orbon Mk2 Floodlight16
Shine On Ibis Downlight6
Shine On Flec Downlight10