TIC Group (TIC) provides innovative solutions for business across a range of services, including their flagship re-using garment hangers solution, reverse logistics for retail returns and asset recovery.


In 2016 TIC purchased a large facility in Tottenham, Victoria for their handling and distribution services. The old lighting within the site was extremely poor and didn’t meet AS1680 requirements, nor was it appropriate for the new lighting layout that TIC required. Due to the size of the site, TIC elected to test prospective LED suppliers with their mattress recycling plant first to ascertain the quality of their service and the lighting results.

We were selected to undertake this first upgrade because of our 100,000 hour rated lifetime products with minimal depreciations.


Tottenham site

We firstly upgraded the mattress recycling plant, undertaking a complete one-for-one retrofit of the high power-consuming metal halides to our energy efficient H-Flux Highbay. The upgrade reduced the building’s power costs by over $15,000 a year which they paid back within 15 months!

TIC were so happy with the lights and service, we were chosen to upgrade their three other buildings onsite which were more complex due to the introduction of racking. We designed a new lighting layout using Dialux to ensure the lighting would exceed AS1680 standards and introduced sensored H-Track Highbays to optimise the lighting distribution for their pallet racking and installed our H-Flux Highbay in the open areas.

Altona site

TIC have an additional two other warehouses in Altona. Similar to Tottenham a new layout with racking had been introduced. We again designed a new lighting layout and upgraded their lights to the sensored H-Track Highbay in the racking areas and the H-Flux Highbay in the open areas.

Following the upgrade TIC will save over $142,000 a year with a payback period of only 15 months and they will save even more once we upgrade their other three buildings which we are set to complete this year.

TIC Group following Shine On LED upgrade

TIC Group following Shine On LED upgrade

Shine On provides a value-added lighting proposition: they install high quality lights, most of which are rated to 100,000 service hours, with long warranty periods, allowing TIC to focus on our business (rather than our lights).
They have upgraded six of our buildings and due to the quality of their product and service, we are soon to upgrade three more of our buildings and intend to roll out more upgrades as the cost of power increases.” Len Grech, Group Facilities Manager