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Shine On remains at the forefront of LED product innovation and are market-leaders when it comes to commercial LED lighting technology.

Government Subsidies

Government energy efficiency subsidies have made the price of upgrading to LED lighting and solar even cheaper.

The Shine On LED Range

Our LED product range includes higher quality, more reliable key components which means they are market-leading in terms of efficiency, performance and reliability and have the lowest failure rates in the market.

We have been operating since 2009 and some of our products are in their fifth generation, having undergone multiple round of improvements to componentry and design based on real-world feedback. They also come with warranties far beyond the industry standard.

Developing our own LED product range allows us to create bespoke solutions for clients to meet their exact specifications. If you don’t see a product within our range that will suit your business, get in touch and we will do our best to help.

The LED lighting products in our standard LED lighting range includes the following – LED highbays, LED downlights, LED floodlights, LED panel lights, LED canopy lights, LED battens, LED streetlights and LED sports lights. Most have some level of smart lighting functionality, including motion sensors and daylight harvesting and are compatible with most control systems.