LED Tubes

Our range of LED tubes are hands down the most energy efficient, technologically advanced tube lights on the market. They have been designed from the inside out, with only the highest-grade components used to ensure we deliver, and in most cases exceed the published specifications.

When it comes to LED tubes, the most important component is the LED driver and we have sourced the best, meaning: they have a higher efficiency, are more stable, have significantly longer lives and are more resistant to undesired external factors such as voltage fluctuations.

We have designed the heat sink so the LED chips remain cool, resulting in our LED tubes delivering in excess of 70% of its initial light output (L70) at 100,000 hours. That is far beyond any fluorescent or competitor tube available.

If you want to reduce costs and save energy with the best LED tube available, contact our team now.

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    Sabre Mk4 LED Tube

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    Sabre Mk3 LED Tube

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    Tube fittings

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