Ibis LED Downlight

The sleek dimmable downlight kit

With its robust construction, high quality componentry and sleek stylish design, our range of Ibis LED downlight kits offer a market-leading proposition. Coming as a kit of both lamp and driver, it delivers smooth and deep dimmability with a wide range of dimmers and it avoids glare, replicating the look of a halogen lamp.

See our downlight fittings for a selection of stylish surrounds for the Ibis LED Downlight.

  • Unique anti-glare PC lense.
  • Excellent dimmability.
  • Citizen CLL022 Version 2 LED chips.
  • High-grade anodised 6063 aluminium construction.
  • Patented heat sink design optimised for product construction and LED chip selection.
  • Tough mesh sheath encases double insulated wiring delivering enhanced safety, durability and flexibility.
  • Separate lamp and driver connected via removable plug base.

Power consumption: 5.9W, 9.3W
Colour: 2,700k, 3,000k, 4,000k, 5,000k
Lumens: 400lm – 850lm
Lifetime rating: 50,000 hours
Warranty: 3 years