Orbon Mk3 LED Floodlight

Over 90,000 hours rated lifetime

The Orbon Mk3 is quite simply the most advanced LED floodlight available on the market. Using the latest Luxeon chip technology from Philips, the product delivers up to an exceptional 159 lumens per watt. In addition, the Orbon Mk3 has been designed to withstand the harshest of environments. Each LED module uses a patented screwless design which delivers a fully immersible IP68 module built on its own extruded aluminium heatsinks. This delivers unrivalled heat dissipation, guaranteeing exceptional lumen maintenance and reliability over the life of the product.

  • Ultra high efficiency Philips Luxeon 5050 LED chips.
  • Amazing 159 lumens per watt system efficacy.
  • Unique patented screwless lens design, delivers fully immersible IP68 rated LED modules.
  • Individual module extruded aluminium heatsink delivers market-leading thermal management.
  • Premium Inventronics Driver Solution.
  • High ingress protection; full unit is IP67 rated.
  • 360 degree bracket rotation.
  • Customised beam angles available to suit any application.
  • Over 90,000 hours rated lifetime.
  • Lightweight sturdy construction for easy installation.
  • Five year full luminaire warranty.

Power consumption: 299W
Colour: 5,700k
Lumens: 45,351lm
Efficiency: 152 lm/W
Lifetime rating: 90,000 hours
Warranty: Five years