Pahi High Mast LED Floodlight

Lightweight, compact design

The Pahi Series LED Floodlight is the ideal solution for outdoor stadium and sports field lighting, delivering maintenance-free, professional area flood lighting with a great return on investment. Featuring a high quality lens designed specifically for outdoor use, it is waterproof, dustproof and UV resistant, with enhanced glare control. The Pahi is suitable for many applications including sporting grounds, courts, arenas, golf courses, parks, ports and yards.

  • Very low wind area (EPA).
  • Lightweight, compact design. Easily replaces pre-existing HID fixtures on existing poles and mounting arms.
  • Excellent heat dissipation. Low copper die casting aluminium housing with unique hollow design.
  • High ingress protection. Weather-tight design ensures durability and reliability in harsh environments.
  • Ultra-high efficiency Inventronics driver. Designed for high input voltage, thermal protection and output lumen compensation.
  • Very high efficiency. Up to 135 lumens per watt using the latest Osram 3737 LED chips.
  • High quality PC lens. UV resistant with enhanced glare control.
  • High surge protection. Prevents fixture damage in the event of an excessive voltage surge such as lightning.
  • Wide ambient operating temperature. -40 to +50 degrees Celsius.
  • Laser locator. Easily adjust light distribution.
  • Sealed housing. Prevents dust collection and can be cleaned easily.

Power consumption: 600W, 800W, 1,000W
Colour: 5,700K
Lumens: 75,000 lm, 108,000 lm, 115,000 lm
Efficiency:  125 lm/W, 135 lm/W, 115 lm/W
Lifetime rating:
 100,000 hours, 86,000 hours, 80,000 hours
Warranty: Five years