Torq Mk2 LED Floodlight

Performance and reliability

Our Torq Mk2 Series of LED floodlights is the best value floodlight solution on the market, an efficient mix of performance and reliability. Exceptional heat dissipation and lumen maintenance is delivered through the use of premium diecast housing. The luminaire produces an impressive 158 lumens per watt from its Elite 2835 LED chips which, when combined with a premium Sosen driver, delivers on its promise of being a highly efficient, reliable cost-effective floodlight solution.

  • Very high luminaire efficiency. 158 lumens per watt.
  • Premium high power factor, constant current Sosen LED driver with built in surge protection (6KV). High efficiency, IP67 rated along with automatic power reduction protection if driver overheats or power available is too low.
  • Driver is fitted with aluminium housing. Utilises thermal potted glue which maximises heat dissipation and IP rating.
  • High ingress protection. IP65 rated.
  • Superior surface coating. High corrosion resistance and increased lifespan.
  • Tempered glass lens. Strong and durable.
  • Easy installation. Inbuilt U bracket for ease of installation.
  • Five year warranty.

Power consumption: 65W, 90W, 125W, 180W
Colour:  5,000k
Efficiency: 158 lm/W
Lifetime rating: 100,000 hours
Warranty: Five years