H-Flux Mk4 LED Highbay

100,000 hour lifetime rating!

The fourth generation Shine On H-Flux Mk4 delivers an amazing 160 lumens per watt. The Mk4 utilises cutting edge Nichia GRT-V1 3030 LED chips, along with the latest generation vertically mounted Philips Xitanium driver which provides unrivalled heat dissipation. All combined with a premium, unique 6063 anodised aluminium heatsink. The H-Flux once again sets the benchmark for performance and reliability even in the most demanding environments.

  • Highly efficient Philips Xitanium driver with 100,000 hour product lifetime rating and Module Temperature Control, delivers the ultimate performance in LED driver technology.
  • Nichia GRT-V1 3030 chips which lead the market in efficiency and product lifetime. Delivers luminaire efficacy of 160 lumens per watt with a calculated L70 value of 424,000 hours.
  • High-grade 6063 anodised aluminium alloy provides excellent corrosion resistance, formability and thermal conduction.
  • High quality PC lens ensures no ‘milking’ of lens over time.
  • Produces 15,450 lumens at 97 watts which is up to 50% more efficient than competitor highbays.
  • Unique innovative heat sink and vertically mounted driver pulls heat away from the LED chips and driver.
  • Sensored model available with fully programmable microwave motion sensor with Doppler technology.
  • Comes with 1-10V dimming input as standard.

Power consumption: 70,82W, 97.85W, 122,93W, 160.76W
Colour: 5,700k
Lumens: 11,277lm – 25,595lm
Lifetime rating: 100,000 hours
Warranty: Seven years