H-Track Mk3 LED Highbay

The ultimate warehouse lighting solution

The H-Track Mk3 is the next in line of a truly innovative, unique lighting series for industrial racking and warehousing environments. Built on a sleek pure aluminium body, the product boasts the latest release CREE 3030 LED chips and a premium seven year warranty driver solution. The luminaire delivers market-leading efficiency and lumen maintenance, combined with a beam angle optimised for racking areas which delivers exceptional lighting outcomes. The Mk3 also has the ability to clip on an advanced remote control motion and daylight sensor for even greater energy savings With an incredible 100,000 hour rated life and IP65 ingress protection, the H-Track series continues to deliver on its promise as the ultimate warehouse lighting solution.

  • Very high luminaire efficiency. 150 lumens per watt.
  • Slimline lightweight aluminium structure for superior heat dissipation.
  • Latest generation CREE 3030 LED chip solution, exceptional efficiency and lumen maintenance. Luminaire calculated L70 is 165,000 hours.
  • Premium seven year warranty driver solution. > 100,000 hour rated life, high ingress rating and excellent surge protection.
  • High ingress protection. IP65 rated.
  • Market-leading 100,000 hour lifetime rating.
  • Available with clip on remote control adjustable microwave motion/daylight sensor.

Power consumption: 105.3W, 130W
Colour: 5,700k
Lumens: 15,000 lm, 19,500 lm
Lifetime rating: 100,000 hours
Warranty: Seven years