Omera Mk2 LED Panel

Sleek flicker-free tube replacement

The Shine On Omera Mk2 LED Panel is the ultra-modern, efficient alternative to traditional tube lighting. Utilising the latest generation 4014 SMD LED chips and unique light dissipation system, the Omera Mk2 sets the benchmark for flat panel efficiency, design and construction.


  • Optimised light dissipation and diffusion, reduces glare and maximises comfort in any environment. Unified Glare Index (UGR) less than 19.
  • Latest generation 4014 SMD LED chips deliver an incredible 125 lumens per watt.
  • Ultra-thin 6063 aluminium allow frame, delivers superior heat dissipation, while only 10mm thick.
  • Flicker-free, isolated, high power factor driver, the ultimate in performance and reliability.
  • Optimised light emittance provides stable and uniform light distribution, with no shadowing or light leakage.
  • Five year warranty.
  • Three mounting options: plaster mount, surface mount and suspension.

Power consumption: 24.37W, 24.36W, 17.92W
Colour:  4,000k, 6,000k
Efficiency: 125 lm/W
Lifetime rating: 50,000 hours
Warranty: Five years