Vero LED Shoplight

Unique shaft design

Our Vero range of LED shoplights incorporates a number of unique design elements that ensure a high performing, flexible and long lasting luminaire. Includes aluminium housing, Samsung LED chip and can be easily retrofitted if you wish to upgrade to LED lighting.

  • Patented superior heat dissipation structure reduces lumen depreciation and extends to products life.
  • Die-cast aluminium housing with stainless steel clips ensures extended product life.
  • Compact construction incorporating housing, heat sink and driver with a streamlined appearance that assists with ease of installation.
  • Unique shaft design with up to 60°(vertical) and 350° (horizontal) rotation, increasing installation options.
  • Frame dimensions ideal for retrofit applications. No need to adjust plaster to fit the unit.
  • High quality tempered glass lens delivers even light distribution and lower likelihood of breakage.
  • Samsung G2 SMD5630 LED chip.
  • Unique driver designed specifically for use with this unit.

Power consumption: 28W, 50W
Colour: 4,000k 5,500k
Lumens: 2,470lm – 4,920lm
Lifetime rating: 50,000 hours
Warranty: Three years