Tube fittings

If you have a new premises and want to install the most energy efficient LED tube lighting then these are the fittings for you. We can also retrofit our LED tube fittings where necessary to upgrade your old fluorescent lighting to the most energy efficient tube lights on the market.

We have a variety of tube light fittings to suit the needs of any business. If you are installing new or retrofitted LED tube lights, contact us for the best service and quality products.

Below are the specifications for our  LED tube fittings.

  • Surface Mounted Bare Batten Single T8 (1,200mm)
  • Surface Mounted Bare Batten Twin T8 (1,200mm)
  • IP65 Surface Mounted Batten Single T8 (1,200mm)
  • IP65 Surface Mounted Batten Twin T8 (1,200mm)
  • Single LED Batten with diffuser (1,200mm)
  • Twin LED Batten with diffuser (1,200mm)