Sports lighting

A winning lighting experience

We have developed a comprehensive range of LED sports lights for all types of outdoor and indoor sports, as well as other high-mast applications. Each design has taken into account the different needs of the sport, its facilities and usage, and can be used from the smallest through to the largest sporting facility.

Courts and turfs

The key to lighting tennis and netball courts and hockey turfs correctly is ensuring that the ball is visible at all times by players, officials and spectators – regardless of how fast it is moving or where it is. The right floodlighting will have a wide beam with forward throw, very low glare and even lighting distribution.

Stadium and fields

Whether it’s cricket, AFL, rugby, league or soccer it’s important that the lighting is uniform over the whole field and provides visibility of the full passage of the ball. With games being played later into the evening, the lighting needs to provide quality illumination for players, officials and spectators while also limiting obtrusive light for surrounding areas.

Indoor sports

Our floodlights are also suitable for indoor sporting facilities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums and netball and basketball courts. When indoors it’s important to ensure that the lighting design addresses the needs of all sports that will be played there and provides uniformity. Glare will particularly need to be considered with the design and placement of the lights.

How we can work with you

Your sports lighting partner

No matter the size of your facility, upgrading the sports lights can be a complex and sometimes overwhelming process that can involve many different experts and contractors. We can work directly with councils and clubs or with builders, engineers and electrical contractors to ensure you get the right light for your sports complex.


Lighting design

The imperative first step when upgrading your sports lights. We take into account the sport, level of competition, broadcasting, glare, spillage etc to ensure you have the right light and layout for your site.

Sport light supply

Once we have worked out the best solution, we’ll supply you the lights in accordance with the lighting design.


We have the capabilities and partnerships to complete every aspect of your installation from pole fabrication and erection to trenching, electrical cabling and everything in between.

Guaranteeing your subsidy

Our sports lights are one of only a few that are accredited to receive subsidies. As well as our quotes including an upfront discount, we will also undertake the complex compliance steps and submission.

Official partners with Hockey Australia

We are Hockey Australia’s exclusive partners for LED outdoor lighting.

This partnership includes our full-service sports lighting solutions composed of lighting designs, supply of LED sports lights, pole fabrication, installation and all other associated works. We are proud to introduce Hockey Australia to our comprehensive range of sports lights which are market-leading in terms of efficiency, lifetime ratings and warranties.

Our recent Sports LED projects

We’ve taken care of many LED sports lighting projects for both large and small sports centres around Australia. Helping our customers achieve their lighting and savings goals and get the maximum benefits from their sports LED lighting upgrade. Here are just a few…

Newcastle Hockey Centre

West Tamworth Tennis Club

WIN Stadium

Melbourne Cricket Ground

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