Better LED Lighting

Create retail and work environments with rich, beautiful light

Shine On LEDs produce colours that appear truer to life. The light is more consistent, without the ‘flickering’ associated with fluorescent solutions and the absence of UV rays reduces fading of furnished goods and raw materials. Better LED lighting will make your products look better and last longer. In factory settings, LED highbays have improved brightness with less heat.

How Shine On can improve the quality of your lighting

Following a comprehensive site audit, our team will design a customised energy efficient lighting solution tailored to your specific operational and financial needs.As one of a handful of LED suppliers accredited to provide subsidised commercial lighting installations under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme, we can offer customers a subsidy worth up to 50% of the up-front cost of the installation. Our post-installation customer service program provides validation of your return on investment and ensures guaranteed satisfaction.
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The light output from halogen and metal-halide lamps depreciates rapidly from the first flick of a switch, reducing the light quality within your working environment.

Shine On LEDs last 1000’s of hours longer than old lighting technologies, with an extremely high rate of lumen maintenance, guaranteeing brilliant light and an attractive, safe working environment for many years to come.