Cost-effective LED Lighting

Our experienced LED Installers can save you money, quicker than you think

Shine On's cost-effective LED lighting provide the most rapid return on your investment possible. They produce more light than traditional incandescent bulbs but with up to 80% less energy. Reduced heat production means they don’t burn out and stop working like standard lights so can last up to 100,000 hours, further saving you money on replacement costs.

How Shine On can save you money

Following a comprehensive site audit, our team of LED installers will design a customised energy efficient lighting solution tailored to your specific operational and financial needs.As one of a handful of businesses accredited to provide subsidised commercial LED lighting installations under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme, we can offer customers a subsidy worth up to 50% of the up-front cost of the installation. Our post-installation customer service program provides validation of your return on investment and ensures guaranteed satisfaction.
Learn how Shine On will save you money faster than you think.
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Cost savings

Enjoy massive energy cost savings every year by upgrading your old technology lighting to Shine On’s super efficient LED alternatives.

Upgrade your outdated 400W metal-halide highbays to the Shine On H-Flux 150 and achieve a 71% reduction in lighting expenditure. Upgrade your old halogen downlight to Shine On’s 10W Ibis and reduce your lighting costs by 82%.