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Spend less time working on your lighting, and more time working on your business

Shine On is one of Melbourne's top LED providers - our LEDs last up to 20 times longer than traditional lights, eliminating the need for frequent light changes and the expense and time involved. With robust designs making them highly resistant to shock, vibrations and external impact and their ability to operate in extremely hot and cold temperatures, light maintenance is easier than ever. Once the decision is made to utilise our services, the process for easy LED installation is taken off your hands, and will be completed to schedule.We have a wide variety of lighting options to choose from, including LED Downlights, LED Floodlights, LED Highbays, LED Panels and LED Globes to name a few.

How Shine On can make your business more efficient

Following a comprehensive site audit, our team will design a customised energy efficient lighting solution tailored to your specific operational and financial needs.As one of a handful of businesses accredited to provide subsidised commercial lighting installations under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme, we can offer customers a subsidy worth up to 50% of the up-front cost of the installation.Our post-installation customer service program provides validation of your return on investment and ensures guaranteed satisfaction.
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Shine On LED’s last up to 65 times longer than other lighting technologies.

When your lights last longer, maintenance costs associated with continuously replacing blown globes is dramatically reduced, as well as the globe replacement costs themselves. Any Facilities Manager knows that is a big plus!