Safer LED Lighting

Provide the safest environment possible for your staff and customers

The safer LED lighting Shine On use, start up instantly, meaning your workplace is safe and ready to use at the flick of a switch. Lower operating temperatures significantly reduce any fire risk and glass-free construction eliminates the dangers of glass contamination. Extended globe life guarantees that safety issues created by globe replacement are greatly reduced.

How Shine On can make your business safer

Following a comprehensive site audit, our team will design a customised energy efficient lighting solution tailored to your specific operational and financial needs. As one of a handful of businesses accredited to provide subsidised commercial lighting installations under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme, we can offer customers a subsidy worth up to 50% of the up-front cost of the installation. Our post-installation customer service program provides validation of your return on investment and ensures guaranteed satisfaction.If you want to know more about our LED installation service, contact us today. We'll discuss and arrange one of LED electricians to look after your request.
Learn how Shine On will make your business safer
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High operating temperatures in old lighting technologies present an unnecessary fire danger. Violent end of life, particularly with metal-halide technologies, increases the risk of contamination from shattered glass. And the slow increase in light output as old technologies warm up increase OHS risks. Older lighting also needs to be replaced more often, increasing the time spent by staff on ladders removing and changing bulbs.

Shine On LED’s start up instantly, run cool, last longer and are glass free, ensuring workplace safety whilst reducing costs.