Industrial working environments can differ significantly, with the amount and type of light required varying between industry and building type. What is consistent however is the need for industrial lighting solutions to help optimise working conditions, and that they work reliably for many years to come.

The best industrial lighting is:

  • Light that consumes less energy but provides more light.
  • Light that has the right beam angle for the floor service area.
  • Light that responds to change.
  • Light that works safely and lasts for many years.

Shine On LED industrial lighting at Booran Holden          Shine On LED industrial lighting at KW Doggett

Each industry has different lighting demands. A selection of commercial industrial environments and their requirements are listed below.

Industry General industrial lighting requirements
Food manufacturing Medium lighting levels.

Low operating temperatures and food grade construction to eliminate cross-contamination.

Printing High lighting levels.

High colour rendering index.

Wholesale Low to medium lighting levels.

Motion sensors for areas with minimal foot traffic.

Light that is directed in the right place like in aisled spaces.

Transport services Low to medium lighting levels.

Correct number and output of luminaries in certain locations to ensure safety and no dark spots.

Tamperproof diffusers with high impact ratings.

Minimum glare factor for signalling and CCTV.

Manufacturing High light levels (depending on what is being manufactured).

High uniformity so no shadows.

Industrial LED lights

Our industrial LED lighting products are market-leading in respect to their efficiency, output, lifetime rating and warranty conditions. Our product range includes Australia’s most efficient highbay, including the H-Track which is perfect for aisled spaces; canopy lights which are suited for under canopies (found at petrol stations), awnings and food manufacturing; and floodlights which are made for the outdoors, including parking bays.

LED lighting industrial case studies

We have upgraded hundreds of organisations in the industrial space to LED lighting. You can find a selection in our case study section.