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Melbourne Cricket Ground

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is the largest sports stadium in the southern hemisphere. It is a historic landmark of Australian sport where some of the largest recorded sporting crowds have attended.

Melbourne Cricket Ground after Shine On LED lighting upgrade


The MCG partnered with Siemens to deliver a range of energy efficiency projects throughout the site. Shine On and Siemens have a great, long-standing relationship, so when the time came for the LED lighting component of the project, it was awarded to us.

The project

The MCG is a massive stadium with hundreds of areas all with a different function and lights of all shapes and sizes. Our team had to systematically count and note every single light within the facility. We then conducted lighting designs of key areas which resulted in the design and manufacture of bespoke fittings for some complex areas. The whole project included the installation of nearly 12,000 new LED lights, while removing and recycling the old lights. A dedicated project manager and compliance manager were onsite for four months overseeing the project.


The new lighting saves the MCG 1,660 tonnes of CO2 per year. This equates to over $400,000 per year in electricity bill savings, as well as an additional $100,000 in maintenance to replace blown bulbs.


At a glance

Service: LED lighting
Industry: Recreation
64% reductionEnergy savings
40 monthsPayback period
2,342,777 kWhAnnual savings
30%First year return on investment
1,660 tonnes per annumAnnual co2 reduction
$4 millionTotal 10 year saving

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System size1.1 MW
Annual savings$206,615
Contribution to energy needs34%
Annual co2 reduction1,388 tonnes
Estimated 25 year saving$5.1 million
WIN Entertainment Centre following LED Sports Lighting upgrade with Shine On

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Number of LED lights52
Average light output2,000 LUX
Coles distribution centre following Shine On LED lighting upgrade

Coles | Charter Hall

Energy savings80% reduction
Payback periodImmediate
Annual savings1.9 million kWh
Annual co2 reduction2,141 tonnes per annum
Total 10 year saving$3.2 million