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Energy Monitoring and Maintenance

State-of-the art intelligent monitoring solutions to ensure your get the most from your solar investment and you’re not wasting any money. Our solutions provide a robust and reliable method of ensuring your system is performing as forecast.

Who we have worked for

    A monitoring solution for every site and every system

    Our range of monitoring solutions enable clients to choose the best solution for their site and needs.

    The benefits our monitoring and maintenance

    Get the most out of your system with comprehensive monitoring and maintenance solutions

    Know when your system isn’t performing

    Sometimes things happen. Our monitoring solutions will let you know immediately if your system isn’t performing as designed.

    Optimise your sites energy usage

    Monitor your energy use and optimise when you use it to get the most out of your system and save

    Report savings to stakeholders

    Easily track how much energy you are generating cleanly from the sun and the tonnes of CO2 saved

    Prevent any maintenance issues

    Annual ongoing preventative maintenance will ensure that your system runs effectively and efficiently all of the time


    If your system isn’t performing as forecast, our monitoring solutions can quickly detect the fault and organise for repair. We also offer comprehensive maintenance and aftercare services which are paid upfront for an agreed term (for example five years). Our best-in-class services are outlined in the table.

    Preventatitve maintenance as per AS/NZS5033

    Item Frequency  
    Visual Inspection  Bi-Annually 
    Physical Inspection (Mechanical) Annually 
    Physical Testing (Electrical) Annually 
    Spot Torque Testing Annually 
    Control Function Operation Annually 
    Protection Device Operation Annually 

    Corrective maintenance as per AS/NZS5033

    Item Frequency  
    Failed Component Replacement As Required 
    Physical Inspection (Mechanical) Annually 
    Testing (Electrical) Annually 

    Performance maintenance as per AS/NZS5033

    Item Frequency  
    Realtime Data Monitoring Weekly
    Performance Response As Required
    Testing (Electrical) As Required
    Panel Cleaning As Required
    Client Reporting  Annually 
    How does solar work? Compu Knit solar installation with Shine On

    Backed by performance guarantee

    We are so confident in our monitoring, reporting and maintenance that we guarantee that your solar system will meet a minimum of 90% of its expected annual electricity generation in its first five years post installation. 

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