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We are the proud exclusive lighting partners of Hockey Australia. We have upgraded turfs around the country and can help with all aspects of your clubs project, from grant applications to installation.

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    What to consider when installing LED lighting for hockey

    Hockey AS2560 lighting standards

    Level of play Average horizontal maintained illuminance (E) Minimum horizontal uniformity Maximum horizontal uniformity per 5m Maximum glare rating (GR) Minimum colour rendering index (R)
    (Ehmin/Eg)(U1) (E hmin /Ehmax) hmax (U2) U UG
    Ball and physical training 200 0.60 0.40 NA NA 50 65
    Regional, state and club level competition 300 0.70 0.50 35% 1.54 50 65
    National and international competition 500 0.70 0.50 30% 1.43 50 65

    Our Hockey lights

    Our LED lighting products are the best in the business. They are the most efficient, have the highest outputs and have the longest lifetime ratings which are reflected in our industry-leading warranties.

    We will select the right light for your club based on the height and location of your poles and a detailed lighting design. Pole heights for hockey turfs will generally be in the range of 18 to 25 metres, which works best for our Rippon range of lights.

    Levi Wright presenting the Hockey Australia man of the match

    Exclusive lighting partners of Hockey Australia

    We have been the exclusive lighting partners of Hockey Australia, the Kookaburras and Hockeyroos since 2021. We love attending the games, tossing the coin and awarding the player of the game. In return, we provide lighting solutions including market-leading lights to their clubs around the country.

    Hockey Services

    LED lighting

    We have upgraded over 6,000 commercial premises to LED lighting Australia-wide. We understand the complexities of upgrading lights to LED and the best way for our clients to make savings while improving their working environment.

    Commercial solar and battery storage

    We have designed and installed solar PV and battery solutions since 2010, with thousands of residential and commercial premises now generating their own energy. We are now a focused commercial solar specialist and a New Energy Tech Approved Seller.

    Sports Lighting

    Upgrade or install LED sports lights to significantly improve your lighting levels, lower your operating cost and improve the experience for both athletes and spectators.