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Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness

Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness manages and administers more than 40 sport and recreation clubs and offers a range of sporting facilities to students and the wider Sydney community. This includes six tennis courts – three artificial grass courts and three hard courts.

Tennis sports lighting


Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness were looking to upgrade their tennis court lights to LED, as the old lights were losing their output and the light wasn’t consistent across the courts, with plenty of dark spots. Shine On was selected to undertake the upgrade as we presented a solution where they were able to retain the existing poles.

The project

Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness wanted the courts to achieve 650 lux for national competition standards. This was achieved by replacing one-for-one the metal halide box lights with 12 x 500W Caravel Mk2 LED Sports Lights on the poles in between the courts and 16 x 700W Caravel Mk2 LED Sports Lights for the poles surrounding the courts. Six lights were installed directly on to the wall of the gymnasium overlooking the courts.

The entire installation of 28 lights and night time aiming, only took one day.


The tennis courts are now achieving an average light output of 680 lux, an improvement of over 300 lux. There are no more dark spots and each court is fully functional at night for their various competitions and to rent out to the wider community.

At a glance

Service: Sports Lighting
Industry: Sport
ShineOn-Illustrative Icon-Lightbulb28Number of LED lights
ShineOn-Illustrative Icon-Grid650 luxAverage light output

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Melbourne Cricket Ground after Shine On LED lighting upgrade

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Energy savings64% reduction
Payback period40 months
Annual savings2,342,777 kWh
First year return on investment30%
Annual co2 reduction1,660 tonnes per annum
Total 10 year saving$4 million
Henkel solar installation with Shine On


System size1.1 MW
Annual savings$206,615
Contribution to energy needs34%
Annual co2 reduction1,388 tonnes
Estimated 25 year saving$5.1 million
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Number of LED lights52
Average light output2,000 LUX