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Stop paying record high energy prices with our  energy solutions.


Reduce your power bill through LED lighting and save up to 80% off your lighting power bill.


Install solar and pay less per kilowatts per hour, with a smaller system resulting in a greater return on investment.


Significantly reduce your power bill and pay less per kilowatt hour.

Why become more energy efficient?

Reduce your electricity bills and safeguard against rising costs.

Protect the environment.

Improve your working environment.

Save on light bulb replacement costs.

Make money by selling electricity back to the grid.

Client savings to date

We have been in the business of energy efficiency since 2009. In this time we have helped clients reduce their power bill, reach sustainability targets and contribute to lowering Australia’s carbon emissions.

Cost savings
CO2 savings

130,000 is equivalent to:

 Taking 25,490 cars off the road

 Producing 9,774 tonnes of beef

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Upgrade to LED or solar and don’t pay a dollar

We are able to access a range of finance and subsidy options to help you become more energy efficient.

Cash flow positive – Upgrade to energy saving LED lights and solar with no-upfront cost, with the monthly energy savings greater than the monthly repayments made.

Subsidies – We operate under all major state and national energy efficiency subsidy programs in Australia including Victorian Energy Upgrades, the ESS and the Solar Credit Program. This means we can offer our customers a subsidy of up to 80% off the total cost of installation.