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William Adams

Williams Adams has over a 90 year association as a dealer for Caterpillar. They sell new and used equipment, parts, as well as short and long term equipment hire.


We had previously worked with William Adams back in 2018 to upgrade a number of their Victorian sites to LED lighting. In 2021, the company were looking to reduce their operating costs even further and approached us about installing solar on their Sunshine West branch.

The project

A 200kW system was chosen as it was the optimal size for their site, integrating well with the site’s electrical infrastructure and didn’t require any major modifications or upgrades.
400 panels were mounted with a mix of flush to roof and reverse tilt to maximise the solar generation. These were powered by three Sungrow 3 Phase Inverters. Skylight protection was required during the installation to ensure safe project delivery.


The system will contribute approximately 29% to the sites energy needs, which will result in a first year cost saving of $30,000 and nearly $900,000 over 25 years. A fantastic return on investment with a payback period of less than five years.

At a glance

Service: Solar PV & Battery
Industry: Industrial
200 kWSystem size
259,420 kWhEstimated annual solar yield
29%Contribution to energy needs
$30,011First year return on investment
280 tonnesAnnual co2 reduction
$865,718 25Estimated 25 year saving

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Melbourne Cricket Ground after Shine On LED lighting upgrade

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Energy savings64% reduction
Payback period40 months
Annual savings2,342,777 kWh
First year return on investment30%
Annual co2 reduction1,660 tonnes per annum
Total 10 year saving$4 million
Henkel solar installation with Shine On


System size1.1 MW
Annual savings$206,615
Contribution to energy needs34%
Annual co2 reduction1,388 tonnes
Estimated 25 year saving$5.1 million
WIN Entertainment Centre following LED Sports Lighting upgrade with Shine On

WIN Entertainment Centre

Number of LED lights52
Average light output2,000 LUX