Shine On for your industry


We have installed sports lights to most recreational facilities, both indoors and outdoors and on high-mast poles.

Who we have worked for

    A winning lighting experience for all sports

    We have installed LED sports lights to most sports played in Australia. This includes civil works and pole and switchboard upgrades. We also install sports lights at ports, prisons, showgrounds, mines and other applications

    Valentine Sports Park following LED lighting upgrade with Shine On

    Fields and ovals

    AFL, soccer, rugby, league, cricket, baseball and softball




    Tennis, netball and basketball

    Chelsea Bowls Club following Sports Lighting installation by Shine On


    Bowling greens

    WIN Entertainment Centre following LED Sports Lighting upgrade with Shine On

    Multipurpose stadiums

    Sports halls, stadiums and pools

    How we can help your sports club

    We know what it takes to improve the lighting at your sports ground or facility. Improving or installing new lights will extend the level of play, attract new members and make it a better playing environment for competitors and spectators. The table to the right outlines the common issues we see at sporting grounds and how we can help overcome them.

    The issueHow we can help
    Our poles are structurally fine, but can’t take the extra weight of LEDsOur lights are industry leading in terms of weight and windage, with options for both medium and high mast poles that weigh similar to metal halides.
    We have close neighboursSpillage of light can be an issue. Our lights come with accessories which limit the obtrusive light to surrounding neighbourhoods.
    We want to play a higher level of competition at nightYes, usually this is possible. A lighting design will determine whether you need higher poles and whether the proximity of close neighbours will make obtrusive light a problem.
    Funding is tightState and local governments and sporting bodies regularly release grants for clubs to upgrade their lights. We constantly keep track of grants available and can help with your submission. Our lights can also receive subsidies in Victoria and NSW.
    We want the lights to integrate with our online booking system Our lights integrate seamlessly with Entry Systems Australia a cloud hosted court access management system which provides visibility of your court availability and players can book using a mobile. No requirement for digging of conduit.



    LED lighting

    We have upgraded over 6,000 commercial premises to LED lighting Australia-wide. We understand the complexities of upgrading lights to LED and the best way for our clients to make savings while improving their working environment.

    Commercial solar and battery storage

    We have designed and installed solar PV and battery solutions since 2010, with thousands of residential and commercial premises now generating their own energy. We are now a focused commercial solar specialist and a New Energy Tech Approved Seller.

    Sports Lighting

    Upgrade or install LED sports lights to significantly improve your lighting levels, lower your operating cost and improve the experience for both athletes and spectators.