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Harold Holt Swim Centre

Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Centre is a public swimming pool in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Iris. Built in the 1960s by famous Australian architects, the site is now a famous architectural landmark and is listed in the Victorian Heritage Register.


The swimming centre’s 50 metre outdoor pool lights were no longer working and the centre was burning money hiring temporary lighting to accommodate for night swims. They needed high-quality, energy-efficient lights and they needed them fast. What’s more, the lighting had to fit their vintage, heritage-listed poles and contribute positively to the aesthetic of the architecture.

The project

The biggest challenge was fitting the new lights on the vintage poles and making sure they weren’t too heavy. Thankfully, our Caravel Mk2 Sports Light has been designed to specifically retrofit existing poles and is no heavier than metal halides. It also comes with a number of bracket options, so it can fit almost any pole.

The good news was the Caravel was in stock and following lighting designs to ensure compliance, our electrical colleagues completed the installation in two days.


The centre has gone from temporary hired lights to an average lighting output of 225 lux. With the Caravel’s 10-year warranty, and the generally low maintenance of LEDs, locals of Glen Iris can enjoy a bright night swim for many years to come.

At a glance

Service: Sports Lighting
Industry: Sport
ShineOn-Illustrative Icon-Lightbulb10Number of LED lights
ShineOn-Illustrative Icon-Grid225 luxAverage light output

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