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Finance Lease

We provide a number of financing arrangement which allow you to buy solar and LED lighting without any upfront cost and the energy savings typically exceed the monthly finance payments, providing an immediate cash flow benefit.

How does it work?

A finance term and repayments will be agreed between you and one of our financing partners which specialise in the energy efficiency space. They will pay for the product and you will repay in monthly instalments for a term typically five to 10 years, depending on the project. At the end of the term, you will own the lights/system outright.

Potential Savings

Finance lease benefits

No upfront costs

Reduction in your carbon footprint

Add value to your property

Cash flow positive

Repayments typically lower than energy savings

Significant electricity cost savings 

Grow your brand and reputation

Repayments off balance sheet & tax deductible

Add value to your property

Success stories

Melbourne Cricket Ground after Shine On LED lighting upgrade

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Energy savings64% reduction
Payback period40 months
Annual savings2,342,777 kWh
First year return on investment30%
Annual co2 reduction1,660 tonnes per annum
Total 10 year saving$4 million
Henkel solar installation with Shine On


System size1.1 MW
Annual savings$206,615
Contribution to energy needs34%
Annual co2 reduction1,388 tonnes
Estimated 25 year saving$5.1 million
WIN Entertainment Centre following LED Sports Lighting upgrade with Shine On

WIN Entertainment Centre

Number of LED lights52
Average light output2,000 LUX

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