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We have long specialised in LED lighting upgrades and solar PV installations for industrial and manufacturing sites.

Who we have worked for

    Energy efficiency and security for industrial and manufacturing sites

    We have long specialised in LED lighting upgrades and solar PV and battery installations for industrial and manufacturing sites. This includes:


    Storage and distribution including cold storage

    Heavy manufacturing

    Fabrication, mining and construction

    Food and beverage manufacturing

    Food and beverage including wineries and farming

    Paper and printing

    Litho and digital printers, paper manufactures and importers

    How we can help your industrial site

    We know what it takes to improve the energy efficiency of industrial sites, while improving the working environment for staff. The table to the right outlines the common lighting issues we see in industrial sites and how we can help overcome these obstacles with market-leading LEDs.

    The main obstacles with solar is the size of your roof, the material it is made from and the shading from surrounding trees and structures. We consider all these aspects during the design phase.

    The issue How we can help
    Many lights are blown due to accessibility issues and waiting for a number to fail to make worthwhileOur lights are covered by our warranty which means no product replacement costs for at least five years
    Our highbays and canopies have lifetime ratings
    of 100,000 hours.
    Poor lighting in specific areasWe will undertake a lighting design to ascertain the lighting layout and necessary fittings to fit required lux levels
    We also have the capabilities and experience to move lights in sandwich panel ceilings.
    Food accredited lights required in food manufacturingWe have food grade lights
    Custom-built mounting solutions make it difficult to find replacement luminairesWe have the capabilities to create customised adaptor plates to recess our fittings into the ceiling and any other mounting solutions that are required
    Lights left on when the room is not in useInstalling motion sensors will result in lights being on when occupied and off when not
    Funding is tight and energy prices are on the riseBusiness-friendly leasing arrangements have the savings pay for themselves and with ongoing savings on your power bill.


    Our industrial memberships

    We are a member of the Refrigerated Warehouse & Transport Association of Australia (RWTA) which represents both the warehousing and transport sectors involved in the storage, distribution and transportation of temperature-controlled products in the Australian Cold Chain.

    We are a member of the Real Media Collective, which represents the paper, print and mail industries.

    Energy efficiency and security for industrial and manufacturing sites Services

    LED lighting

    We have upgraded over 6,000 commercial premises to LED lighting Australia-wide. We understand the complexities of upgrading lights to LED and the best way for our clients to make savings while improving their working environment.

    Commercial solar and battery storage

    We have designed and installed solar PV and battery solutions since 2010, with thousands of residential and commercial premises now generating their own energy. We are now a focused commercial solar specialist and a New Energy Tech Approved Seller.

    Sports Lighting

    Upgrade or install LED sports lights to significantly improve your lighting levels, lower your operating cost and improve the experience for both athletes and spectators.