Shine On for your industry


We have installed LED lighting and solar to over 150 shops and retail sites around the country. We know what it takes to improve retail environments while saving money.

Who we have worked for

    Subaru following a Shine On LED upgrade

    We know retail

    We have installed LED lighting and solar to over 100 retail properties around the country. We understand the complexities of working in stores, shops and warehouses. Our experience includes:

    Big-box and large format retail

    Supermarkets, warehouse style shops, common areas and carparks

    BP after Shine On LED upgrade

    Petrol stations

    Service stations, food courts and external carparks

    Shopping centres

    Department stores, food courts, common areas and carparks

    Subaru following a Shine On LED upgrade

    Car showrooms

    Showrooms, outdoor and car servicing

    How we can help your retail property

    We know what it takes to improve the energy efficiency of retail sites, while improving the lighting to show off the produce. The table to the right outlines the common lighting issues we see in retail sites and how we can help overcome these with market-leading LEDs.

    The main obstacles with solar is the size of the sites roof, the material it is made from and the shading from surrounding trees and structures. We consider all these aspects during the design phase.

    The issueHow we can help
    Maintenance of blown bulbsOur lights have market-leading lifetime ratings and their warranties are a minimum of five years.
    High colour rendering required to show off produceOur lights have standard colour rendering of over 70 CRI, but we also offer high colour rendering options for retail and other sites such as laboratories and galleries.
    Funding is tightFriendly leasing and PPA arrangements have the savings pay for themselves. 
    Our shop is open 7 days a week so you won’t have accessWe can install out of hours as required, with the costs quoted upfront so there are no nasty surprises.
    Petstock after Shine On LED lighting upgrade


    Large Retail Installation Services

    LED lighting

    We have upgraded over 6,000 commercial premises to LED lighting Australia-wide. We understand the complexities of upgrading lights to LED and the best way for our clients to make savings while improving their working environment.

    Commercial solar and battery storage

    We have designed and installed solar PV and battery solutions since 2010, with thousands of residential and commercial premises now generating their own energy. We are now a focused commercial solar specialist and a New Energy Tech Approved Seller.

    Sports Lighting

    Upgrade or install LED sports lights to significantly improve your lighting levels, lower your operating cost and improve the experience for both athletes and spectators.