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Free LED pole lights for Victorian businesses

Melbourne Market following LED lighting upgrade with Shine On

Good news for those businesses with outdoor lighting on poles. The Victorian Energy Upgrades subsidy is at a record high. As a result, large pole-mounted lighting projects are now likely to be FREE to upgrade to LED in Victoria. This includes car parks, paths, roads, ports and more, but does not include sports lighting.

What will you get for free?

  • A detailed lighting design to ensure compliance with your site’s requirements and Australian regulations including AS3000, AS1158 and AS4282.
  • Market-leading LED street lights.
  • A safe and compliant installation, including commissioning.
  • Post-installation lux readings.
  • All project management planning, reporting and documentation. Includes traffic and safety management plans and as-built drawings.

How much will you save?

In addition to having zero upfront costs, you will realise ongoing savings from your energy bill. Below are the outcomes of two recently completed pole-lighting projects. Project 1 is a racing track with 80 pole-mounted lights in the car park. Project 2 is a business park with 32 pole-mounted lights in the car park. As you can see the savings are huge!

What are the other benefits of upgrading?

Upgrading your old technology lights to LED will not only save you money. Your business will also realise the following benefits:

  • Reduction in your site’s CO2 emissions – old technology pole lights are usually high-wattage fittings – some can be up to 2000 watts per fitting. Upgrading to LED could lower your emissions from your external lights by over 100%.
  • Improve the lighting conditions – We often upgrade lights that have been blown for years, or have degraded so much the light output is minimal and not safe for purpose. Upgrading to LED will see brighter lights that all work and switch on instantly.

Next steps

If this sounds too good to be true, contact us or fill out the form here to arrange for an onsite assessment and quote. The subsidy price will change, so there is no better time to upgrade your pole lights than now.

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