Shine On is an energy efficiency specialist that upgrades commercial businesses with LED lighting solutions Australia-wide. We offer a complete turnkey solution, from sales through to project management and installation, as well as designing our own market-leading product range.

Since launch in 2009, we have successfully delivered thousands of commercial LED installations for some of Australia’s most respected and trusted brands and it is a track record of which we are extremely proud.

To ensure we are able to provide the best possible outcome for our clients, our highly trained sales professionals are capable of assessing client facilities and designing optimal lighting outcomes that deliver exceptional returns on investment.

All our LED lighting solutions are underpinned by a commitment to AS1680 national lighting standards and all are accredited to generate certificates under both Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) and NSW’s Energy Savings Scheme (ESS). This means we can offer our clients a subsidy of up to 80% off the total up front cost of the installation.

We have a strong, collaborative relationship with relevant government bodies and we lead the way in shaping the future of the energy efficiency industry in Australia.

Why upgrade to LED with Shine On?

  • We offer a consultative-based, end-to-end service and pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions, quality products and exceptional customer service.
  • We are an industry pioneer with over eight years’ experience delivering energy efficiency solutions.
  • Our product range is market-leading, delivering the best functional and financial outcome for business.
  • We are able to offer subsidies to clients nationally – not just in Victoria, NSW and ACT.
  • We embrace a customer-centric approach to our research and development to ensure our clients are delivered the most effective, cutting edge products for their organisations.