BMW Melbourne

Industry: Industrial

Energy savings81% reduction
Payback periodImmediate
Annual lighting energy saving140,661 kWh
Greenhouse gas reduction190 tonnes per annum
Total 10 year saving$175,947

BMW Melbourne is a premier dealership with a full range of BMW products and services at two showrooms in central Melbourne.


Shine On was asked to assess the customer car park across two floors and a mezzanine at their Southbank showroom. The lighting levels were extremely poor and they wanted to improve their customers’ experience and also reduce energy and maintenance costs.


We firstly created a detailed lighting design of the car parks to ensure they would meet AS1680 and the client’s specific requirements. The existing lights were so inefficient, we were able to replace the 400 watt metal halides with 75 watt highbays and the 150 watt metal halides with twin 12 watt tubes. The energy reduction was so considerable and the subsidy so impressive that the payback was immediate! More importantly for BMW, we were able to significantly improve the light levels from an average of 40 lux to an average of 160 lux, greatly improving the customer experience.

BMW Melbourne car park following Shine On LED upgrade          BMW Melbourne car park following Shine On LED upgrade

“I gave them a ten-out-of-ten because they provided me with excellent customer service.
The best part was that they followed it up after they had completed the job to make sure that everything was working properly and nothing was a hassle at all.
It was a pleasure working with Shine On because they were fast, and everything went according to plan! ” Christine Nestler, Procurement and Internal Controls

Energy Efficient Products Used

Shine On Sabre Mk3 LED Tube220
Shine On H-Flux Mk3 LED Highbay25
Shine On Plexis Mk2 LED Circular Downlight8
Shine On Stellar LED Canopy19
Shine On Vetor LED Shoplight17