Compu Knit Hosiery is a 100% Australian owned and operated manufacturing business, supplying high quality knitting and hosiery for the domestic fashion market.

The project

In order to determine the right sized system, Shine On first completed a LED lighting upgrade to eliminate unnecessary energy use. Nearly 200 lights were upgraded to LED resulting in a 74,321 kWh annual energy reduction. A 87.5 kilowatt system was then designed and installed, made up of 331 panels and four Power-one Aurora inverters.


The system produces approximately 110 MWh per annum which is equivalent to powering nine average Australian homes. This means savings for Compu Knit will be in the region of more than $1 million over 25 years and a payback period of less than four years!

Compu Knit commercial solar installation with Shine On        Compu Knit commercial solar installation with Shine On

Regarding the service and expertise we experienced from Shine On, we could not have expected or wanted more. They were committed to achieving a favourable outcome for our company regardless of what it took to get there. I would have no hesitation in recommending Shine On to any of my peers in the industry.” Raffaele Pietrolungo, Director