Shine On remain at the forefront of LED product innovation and are market-leaders when it comes to commercial LED lighting technology. Our entire LED lighting range is chosen because these products deliver faster cost savings, better lighting outcomes, greener and safer working environments. Installing our commercial LED lighting also enable easier and cheaper maintenance for the future.


Our extensive lighting design experience helps us deliver thoughtful commercial lighting plans. Combining this know how with our high quality components, delivers performance reliability and maximum energy efficiency. Our installations also come with an impressive warranty at a very competitive price.

The lighting options in our LED lighting range includes the following – LED highbays, LED tubes, LED downlights, LED floodlights, LED panel lights, LED oyster lights, LED Canopy Lights and replacement globes.

Our extensive LED lighting range is large enough to provide commercial LED lighting solutions to any industry, no matter how large or small the business is. We have provided solutions to suit many businesses including health, education, manufacturing, hospitality, logistics, warehousing and retail. Shine On have retrofitted many of Australia’s leading businesses with more efficient lighting systems, that have resulted in not only a significant reduction of the carbon footprint but improved environments for staff and clients.

Our commercial LED lighting provides safer working environments due to the quality materials used that dissipate heat and regulate voltage. Our lights are powered by the best quality drivers available from the likes of Phillips and Meanwell. The LED chips in our LED lighting range are manufactured under the most stringent controls to ensure total quality of our product offering.

So if you are serious about saving electricity and switching to LED, contact us at Shine On today.