Our LED Products

LED Highbays

We have been designing and installing LED highbays since we started in the commercial lighting space, with our flagship product being our H-Flux Highbay.

Having gone through multiple rounds of developments and improvements, following feedback from clients, our LED highbay range is absolutely market-leading. They deliver up to 162 lumens per watt and last up to 100,000 hours – double the standard lifetime rating of competitor LED highbays.

What’s more, we have developed a range which suits most applications. Our H-Flux Mk5 Highbay, comes in multiple outputs and has six different reflector options to work for almost all ceiling heights and requirements. Our H-Track Mk3 Highbay was developed for warehouses with pallet racking. It is designed so the light is distributed on the shelves rather than on top, reducing wasted light and often allowing us to use a lower wattage product.  We have two intrinsically safe LED highbays which are suitable for hazardous areas and we have our  UFO Apollo Mk3 UFO Highbay, for those looking for a quality highbay at a lower price point. We also now have the Tyde food grade LED highbay available which is specifically designed and built for food processing lighting applications.

For more information on our market-leading range of LED highbay lights, contact us today.