CSL Behring

Industry: Office

Energy savings75% reduction
Payback period3 years
Annual lighting energy saving75,310 kWh
First year return on investment30%
Annual greenhouse gas reduction214 tonnes per annum
Total 10 year saving$222,663

CSL Behring supplies an expanding portfolio of medicines to people in over 30 countries globally. They are one of the largest bio-pharmaceutical companies in the world.


CSL Behring were looking to upgrade their lights to LED in the office and common areas at their Victorian head office. They were looking to improve lighting outcomes with a more modern aesthetic look whilst also reducing their carbon footprint. We were selected to complete the job as we had previously successfully upgraded their Parkville warehouse.

The project

Before recommending a solution, we undertook a lighting redesign of certain areas to ensure the lights were achieving the required standards. Our solution involved removing the old fluorescent light fittings and replacing these with far sleeker and more modern looking Omera Mk2 LED panels.


Following completion of the upgrade, the site had far superior light levels with the added benefits of first year savings of over $25,715 a year with a payback period of just over three years.

“Shine On were very well organised and they cleaned up after themselves, making sure that all the removal was taken away when they finished the job. They were super cooperative and willing to work around us and our timeline. We even asked them to make up some customised special brackets for the lights and Shine On were more than happy to design these for us. All the lights look fantastic!” Mario Padula Facilities Manager, CSL Behring Pty Ltd

Energy Efficient Products Used

Shine On Omera Mk2 LED Panel838
Shine On Plexis Mk2 LED Recessed Downlight22
Shine On Lera Mk2 LED Downlight28
Shine On Etron Mk2 LED Oyster6