Australia’s leading 
LED lighting specialist

We are the leading LED lighting specialist for business, having upgraded over 2,000 commercial premises nationwide. This includes the largest site ever installed (over 100,000 square metres), and we are the trusted partner of numerous multinational corporations and REITs for their lighting needs. Are you a smaller business? Not to worry, we have the expertise and product range to upgrade all site sizes and industry types.

We are a complete 
turnkey solution

We provide an end-to-end solution for your commercial lighting needs. This means we manage every step of the LED upgrade process with our own people and procedures delivering a quality product and unrivalled service at very competitive prices.

We offer the best LED 
light products available

We are proud of the fact that our LED lighting products are the best in the business. They are the most efficient, have the highest outputs and have the longest lifetime ratings which is reflected in our industry-leading warranties.

What’s more? We undertake the most comprehensive quality assurance processes in the market with all of our products undergoing safety and performance testing that exceeds the industry standard.

Lighting design and lux simulation

Guaranteeing the right light for your space

We offer complimentary lighting design and lux simulations by our qualified in-house lighting designer as part of our quoting process if it’s required for your business. This will guarantee that you have the right light and output for each area within your space to ensure better visibility and increased productivity and safety in line with AS/NZ1680 requirements.

Product trials

Test before you buy

If you’re still unsure of the lighting outcome, we can run a light trial at your business to demonstrate the effectiveness of our products before you part ways with any money. We are so confident of our products, we encourage you to trial our lights against competitor LEDs, so you can clearly see the difference.

The benefits of LED

Just in case you don’t know the many benefits of upgrading to LED, we’ve summarised these for you below. Want more detail and some pretty charts? See our Why LED page.


Shine On LEDs will reduce the environmental impact of your business and they contain no toxic chemicals.


They provide the most rapid return on investment possible, saving you money quicker than you think.


They produce colours that appear truer to life, they don’t flicker and they won’t fade your furnished goods and materials.


They start up instantly and operate at significantly lower temperatures reducing fire risk.


They last up to 20 times longer than traditional lights, eliminating the need for frequent light changes and the expense and time involved.

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