Energy efficiency subsidies available for your business

Significantly improving your ROI

Government energy efficiency subsidies have made the price of upgrading to LED lighting and solar even cheaper. We operate under all major state and national energy efficiency programs in Australia including Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU, formerly VEET scheme), NSW’s Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) and the Renewable Energy Target. Businesses nationally will receive subsidies on the  price of their upgrade, significantly reducing the price of the products and installation.

Subsidy programs

Available now

Victorian Energy Upgrades

VEU is a Victorian Government initiative that allows us to offer upfront subsidies on our accredited LED lights installed in Victorian commercial premises.

Energy Savings Scheme

The ESS operates in NSW and allows us to offer upfront subsides on our accredited LED lights installed in NSW commercial premises.

Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme

The EEIS operates in ACT and allows us to offer upfront subsidies on our accredited LED lights installed in ACT commercial premises.

Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme

The Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) allows us to offer subsidies on our LED lights installed in South Australian premises.

Emissions Reduction Fund (national)

The ERF is part of the Federal Government’s Direct Action Plan and allows us to offer subsides that are distributed as an annuity to clients.

Energy Reduction Target

The Energy Reduction Target allows up to offer subsidies on all of our solar installations nationally.

Local council LED programs

We partner with the following councils in Victoria to offer an additional LED subsidy for local businesses that upgrade with us.

  • City of Hume Light$mart – Offers a subsidy of 10% of your total contribution upgrade costs up to a maximum of $5,000, excluding GST.
  • City of Darebin Light$mart – Offers a subsidy of 50% of your contribution cost of the product up to a maximum of $1,000, excluding GST.

The council subsidies are subject to remaining available funds for the applicable financial year program budget. We will let you know if they’re available at the start of your engagement with us.

Let the energy savings pay for you

Even after all these incentives, we also offer finance options though Westpac Bank that require no capital outlay and cash flow positive outcomes from the day you flick the switch to new lights and solar. The benefits include:

  • Finance can be arranged over long terms, as a lower cost with no upfront cash investment.
  • Energy cost savings typically exceed the monthly finance payments, providing an immediate cash flow benefit.
  • You can choose from a range of finance options, all with potential tax benefits.
  • You can obtain funding of up to $250,000 without the need for financials to be provided.

Start saving today

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