The Shine On LED upgrade process

Proven end-to-end service

From the moment you inquire, we are here to help. We provide an end-to end service with an aim of making the whole experience run as smoothly and effectively as possible for your business, and with the best possible lighting outcomes and return on investment.

A typical LED lighting upgrade project will take the following steps, however, we are highly adaptable to our clients’ needs and can work with you and your requirements, including lighting trials before you buy.


1. Enquiry

We will confirm the best time to visit your organisation.

2. Site audit

We will conduct a thorough on-site audit of your existing lighting. This may include a complete lighting plan and preliminary pre-installation lux readings.

3. Comprehensive proposal

We will prepare a detailed proposal outlining your current lighting, the proposed alternative and the return on investment you will achieve. This may include lighting designs and lux simulations.

4. Installation

We will project manage the complete installation ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations and a strict adherence to workplace health and safety requirements.

5. Recycle old lamps

We will organise for your old lamps to be recycled and for any dangerous materials (for example, mercury in fluoro lamps) to be safely disposed of.

6. Start Saving

See your investment pay back in as little as six months and your greenhouse gas emissions decrease.

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